HRE2O – Religion Through the Arts

Class Resources

2020-21 Grade 10 Course Overview

Everything is a Remix

World History Timeline

What is Anthropology?

Online Bible


The Sacraments

The Final Days of Jesus’s Earthly Ministry

The Stations of the Cross

The Resurrection & Ascension

Mary, Mother of the Church

Mary, As Depicted Through Art Part 1

Mary, As Depicted Through Art Part 2

The Pieta

Depictions of Mary in Film

The Making of Mary Page 1

The Making of Mary Page 2

History of Film PowerPoint

Cinematography, Types of Shots & Music in Film


The Rise of Christianity

What is Early Christian & Byzantine Art?

Early Christian Art Time-Line

Early Christian Art, an Introduction

Early Christian Art, continued

Deciphering Early Christian Art – Santa Maria Antiqua Sarcophagus

Deciphering Early Christian Art – The Good Shepherd

About Emperor Constantine

Byzantine Art

Early Byzantine Art Video

Unit 1 Assignments

Early Christian Art Questions

Byzantine Era Questions

Relief Sculpture

Byzantine Mosaic Assignment


Theatre Unites the Church

Greek Theatre – An Overview

Medieval Theatre History Booklet & Questions

Unit 2 Assignments

Greek Theatre History Questions


Christian Themes and Stories in Film

A Bit About Noah

The Book of Enoch

Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH

Patrick Mitchell on Noah

Unit 3 Assignments

Matrix Assignment

Noah Power Point Assignment

Jesus Christ Superstar Comparison


Film: The Modern Morality Play


Unit 4 Assignments

Comparing Film to Old Testament Assignment

Witnesses BioPic Assignment

Million Dollar Baby Questions